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Firat Arslan (Ger) vs. Pascal Ndomba (Tanzania)

September 22nd2018 in Istanbul (Turkey)   Firat Arslan (Ger) vs. Pascal Ndomba (Tanzania) GBU World title:  90,72 kg / 200 lbs Arslan’s challenger Pascal Ndomba had no chance against GBU champion Firat Arslan. After Ndomba went down by blows, the referee ended the uneven battle: knockout victory in Round 2 for the old and new […]

Sükrü Altay (Turkey) vs. Geriso Aduashvili (Georgia)

Sep.15th 2018 in Ludwigshafen (Ger) Sükrü Altay (Turkey) vs. Geriso Aduashvili (Georgia) GBU-Continental title: 79,38 kg / 175 lbs Altay dominated the fight from the beginning and Aduashvili cashed hard hits.  In round 3 Aduashvili had to take hard blows on his left shoulder which made him unable to fight and forced him to give […]

Vincent Feigenbutz (Ger) Yusuf Kangül (Ger)

Sep.15th2018 in Ludwigshafen (Ger) Vincent Feigenbutz (Ger) Yusuf Kangül (Ger) GBU Intercontinental title 76,20 kg / 168 lbs Already in round 1, Vincent Feigenbutz dominated with brilliant punches and clear hits. Kanguel bravely defended himself, but he had no chance against the uppercuts and straights of Vincent. In the break after the fifth round Kanguel […]

Aniya Seki(Japan) vs. Csilla Nemedi (Hungary)

July 14th2018 in Offenburg (Ger) Aniya Seki(Japan) vs. Csilla Nemedi (Hungary) WIBF/GBU World title 53,53 kg / 118 lbs Both boxers started very strong.  Round 1 and 2 the Hungarian was ahead. But from round 3 Aniya dominated this fight until the last round. After 10 rounds Aniya Seki won this fight on points. Winner […]


June, 16th2018, Karlsruhe (Ger),   Wildparkstadion:  8 title fights  QUEEN AND KING OF THE RING   1) Ali Kiydin (GER)  vs. Laszlo Czene (HUN)   GBU Continental title over 90,72kg / over 200 lbs This fight ended already in the first round after a clean chin hook victorious for Ali Kiydin Winner by KO at 1:55 in […]