Firat Arslan (Ger) vs. Sefer Seferi (ALB)

Nov. 17th 2018 in Göppingen (Ger) 

Firat Arslan (Ger) vs. Sefer Seferi (ALB)

GBU World title:  Cruiserweight 90,72 kg / 200 lbs

Seferi was aggressive right from the start and attacking Arslan with hart blows but they were ineffective due to the double covering from Arslan.

Arslan countered on his part with hard and precise blows

and has increasingly pressured his opponent. From round 7 Seferi intensified his offensive and was able to land more and more hits.

The judges’ rated the fight with draw:

115 to 113 for Arslan, 114 to 114 and 114 to 114