June, 16th2018, Karlsruhe (Ger),   Wildparkstadion:  8 title fights



1) Ali Kiydin (GER)  vs. Laszlo Czene (HUN)

  GBU Continental title over 90,72kg / over 200 lbs

This fight ended already in the first round after a clean chin hook victorious for Ali Kiydin

Winner by KO at 1:55 in round 1: Ali Kiydin


2) Marko Radonjic (MNE) vs.Davit Gorgiladze(GEO)

GBU Intercontinental title over 90,72kg / over 200 lbs

Radonjic dominated the fight from the beginning and was able to knock his opponent to the ground several times in the first round. During the ring break, the towel flew out of the Georgian’s corner.

Winner by RTD:  Marko Radonjic 


3) Kamer Maloku (GER) vs. Janos Lakatos (HUN)

GBU Continental title 76,20 kg / 168 lbs

Kamer was able to bring good jabs to the head and body of his opponent right from the beginning. In round 3 the first knock down followed, followed by further knock downs so that the referee had to break off the fight in the fourth round.

Winner by TKO at 1:07 in round 4: Kamer Maloku


4) Antonio Hoffman (Ger) vs. Rafael Chiruta (ROU)

GBU World title 69,85 kg / 154 lbs

From the beginning, super technique and series of two excellent boxers. Hoffmann dominated more and more this fight against his very strong opponent Chiruta.  At the end there was a “Unanimous Dicision” with 116: 111, 115: 113 and 114: 112 for Antonio Hoffmann.

It was the most exciting fight of the evening.

Under standing ovation, the two boxers left the ring. At the end, Antonio Hoffmann was handed the award for “KING OF THE RING” by the jury.

Winner by UD: Antonio Hoffmann


5) Sarah Bormann (GER) vs. Oksana Romanova (UKR)

WIBF/GBU World title 48,98 kg / 108 lbs

Sarah dominated this fight from the first to the last round.  Especially the fast right straight came very often and the left body hook worked excellently.

 In the end, Sarah won every round and was voted “QUEEN OF THE RING” by the jury for her strong performance.

Winner by UD: Sarah Bormann



6) Layla McCarter (USA) vs.  Eva Bajic (HUN)  

WIBF/GBU World title 66,68 kg / 147 lbs

Both boxers started strongly and already in the first round delivered a lively exchange of blows. Layla proved the better technique and showed more than good boxing.  In the following rounds Layla became stronger and stronger and despite her shorter range she was able to score better and faster hits.

In the end, Layla won deservedly on points.

Winner by UD: Layla McCarter



7) Firat Arslan (GER) vs. Pablo Mathias Magrini (ARG)

GBU World title 90,72 kg / 200 lbs

This fight ended in the first round. Firat hit his opponent directly on the temple with a right blow.

Winner by KO at 1:55 in round 1: Firat Arslan


8) Michael Wallisch (GER) vs. Bernard Adie (Kenia)

GBU World title  over 90,72kg / over 200 lbs

This fight was the shortest of the evening

Wallisch hit his over 2 meter tall African opponent on the temple.  After only 35 seconds, the fight ended with a knockout.

Winner by KO at 0:35 in round 1: Michael Wallisch