Only these rules are valid: Status June 2018





1.1   A Champion must defend her title every six months. After that time she has to join report to the WIBF / GBU within 14 days and submit a contract for defense. If she does not, the title can be withdrawn and declared VACANT.  After one year with no defense the title will be also declared vacant.

 1.2  2  If a champion is fighting for a title of any other sanctioning body, without defending our titles, the champion will be stripped of the title immediately. This applies to all weight classes. All agreements and understandings made so far become invalid.


1.3  If a promoter makes an offer to a champion after her six months defending time has expired, she must defend her title providing that the purse money is the minimum required by the WIBF/GBU as in the following schedule: 

Purse Money:   World Champion                                     3000 USD

                                Intercontinental Champion                2500 USD

                                W.E.B.F. or Americas Champion       2000 USD


1.4  If more than one promoter wishes to promote a vacant title, they must make bids and the promoter who offers the highest purse money will get the fight.


1.5  A Champion is responsible to keep in contact with the  WIBF/GBU and inform them of any of the following:

If a champion wishes to change the weight class she is competing in,either by fighting for another title or by relinquishing the title she holds. A Champion should also inform the WIBF/GBU if she changes her manager or promoter. Also if her address or phone number changes, as the WIBF/GBU must be able to contact their title holders at all times.


WIBF / GBU-Women weight classes:

Jr. Strawweight 46,3 kg 102 lbs 7 st 31 bs and under
Strawweight 47,0 kg 104 lbs 7 st 61 bs and under
Jr. Flyweight 48,99 kg 108 lbs 7 st 101 bs and under
Flyweight 50,8 kg 112 lbs 8 st 01 bs and under
Jr. Bantamweight 52,16 kg 115 lbs 8 st 31 bs and under
Bantamweight 53,53 kg 118 lbs 8 st 61 bs and under
Jr. Featherweight 55,23 kg 122 lbs 8 st 101 bs and under
Featherweight 57,15 kg 126 lbs 9 st 01 bs and under
Jr. Lightweight 58,97 kg 130 lbs 9 st 41 bs and under
Lightweight 61,24 kg 135 lbs 9 st 91 bs and under
Jr. Welterweight 63,50 kg 140 lbs 9 st 131 bs and under
Welterweight 66,68 kg 147 lbs 10 st 71 bs and under
Jr. Middleweight 69,85 kg 154 lbs 11 st 01 bs and under
Middleweight 72,57 kg 160 lbs 11 st 61 bs and under
Super Middleweight 76,2 kg 168 lbs 12 st 01 bs and under
Light Heavyweight 79,38 kg 175 lbs 12 st 71 bs and under
Heavyweight over 79,38 kg 175 lbs 12 st 71 bs and over

All contests are 2 minute rounds with 1 minute rest between.

8 oz gloves for Featherweight (57,15 kg / 126 lbs) and under.   

10 oz gloves for Jr. Lightweight (58,97  kg / 130 lbs) and over.

All National/State Championship contests are of 8 rounds duration.

All Continental and World title contests are of 10 rounds duration.

All other contests are of 4, 6 or 8 rounds duration.


4.1  The opponents in any Championship Contest must be engaged at the same weight category. All contestants must be within 5 lbs (2,5 kg) of contracted match weight for 30 days prior to a contest.


4.2  Contestants must weigh-in within 30 hours before the commencement of the promotion. The scales to be used at the official weigh-in must be available to both contestants at last two (2) hours prior to the official weigh-in-time.


4.3  At the weight-in, Contestants may wear only shorts and top approved by the supervisor in charge at the weight-in.


4.4  When a contestant is overweight, she is allowedUP TO 12hours from the agreed time of the weigh-in to achieve the correct weight. If still overweight after such time, no further weighing is allowed and any championship status attached thereto may be withdrawn from the contest. All contestants must make agreed correct weight before 10 am on the morning of the contest. In the event of the championship status being withdrawn from the contest, the overweight boxer shall have the sanctioning fee deducted from her purse and the contest will take place as a non-title-event.

4.5  The Referee, Timekeeper, Judges and all other officials must be approved by the WIBF/GBU to officiate at all Championship Contests.


4.6  In all contests the number of rounds shall be specified. No female professional contest shall exceed 10 rounds, nor be less than 8 minutes of actual boxing.


4.7  The promoter shall procure a doctor and two paramedics skilled in all aspects of managing an unconscious patient and must be seated at the ringside at all times during a contest. The Doctor(s) in charge must be allowed to give advice and assistance to the referee at any time in required during a female contest.


4.8  All contestants must be medically examined after the weight-in or immediately prior to the commencement of the promotion. Each boxer must also be examined after every contest and a report sent to the WIBF/GBU if necessary.  A doctor must be available to give immediate attention to any Boxer should this be required……for at least 1 hour after each female contest.


4.9  The promoter shall assure that at all promotions a stretcher and oxygen supply is available for use at ringside. An ambulance must be available in case of emergency and an ambulance trolley must be ready in close proximity to the ring.


4.10  Not more than 4 persons can function as seconds in the corner. Only 1 of them, the chief-coach, is allowed to enter the ring. The referee has to know him personally.


4.11  Corners permitted equipment:

a: Towels

b: Vaseline

c: Sterile cotton wool

d: Cotton-wool tip

e: Scissors

f: Ice bag and ice well

g: Elastic bandages

h: Adhesive tape

i: 2 mouth-guards

j: Adrenaline 1:1000

(The coach will get the adrenaline from the doctor at the ringside).


4.12  The usage of adrenaline is only permitted to stop excessive bleeding. Vaseline can be lightly put on the face.


4.13  Only water may be used as a stimulant for the boxer.


4.14  The fighters wear boxing pants or boxing skirts stomach-free or tight shirts, which don’t hinder them during the action. Protective sports bra is not mandatory. Only a female style body protector is allowed (no male style protectors). Only traditional style boxing boots are allowed, the shoelaces have to be tied around the ankles and they have to be taped. The hair must be fixed.


4.15  Any length of crepe or gauze bandage can be used. Adhesive tape must not be placed over the knuckles.


4.16  The antidoping test will be performed after the bout. If any medicine was used in the last month, it must be reported immediately to the antidoping representatives and also the ring doctor must be reported before the fight.


4.17  The mandatory (8) eight count is in effect. The standing eight is in not in effect

(No standing count).


4.18  The three knockdown rule is not in effect, except in a country or state, where the commission rules call for it to be mandatory. In this case a boxer loses a fight by 3 knockdowns in a round.

4.19  The bell will not save a knocked down boxer in any round, not even in the last round.

Provided that the referee’s count down is interrupted by the bell the referee continues to count as long as the boxer is either ready to continue the fight or the referee count the boxer out.


4.20  Accident cuts (head butt, elbows)


If the fight cannot continue:

a)There will not be a point deduction

b)Technical draw if before the start of the 4th round.

c)Technical decision if after the start of the 4th round.


If the fight continues:

a)The uncut boxer will be deducted one point; if both fighters are cut, both will get a point deduction.

b)If the fight continues and later the fight needs to be stopped, due to the same cut, a technical decision will be based on the judges’ scorecardsresult.  The uncompleted round will be scored.


4.21  Intentional cuts:

The offending boxer will be deducted 2 points.


If the fight cannot continue:

The offending boxer will lose by disqualification.


If the fight continues:

If the fight continues and at later round the fight needs to be stopped because of the same cut, the fight will go to the scorecards (as per point 13). The uncompleted round will be scored.


4.22 Fouls:

a)The referee may deduct points at his discretion at any time for flagrant intentional fouls.

b)The referee will warn boxers and may deduct points for continuous fouls.

c)In case of low blow or accidental hit after bell, the fouled boxer may be given up to 5 minutes to

    recover from the foul.

d)If a fouled boxer decides not to continue, he will lose by abandonment, unless the referee decides to

     disqualify the offending boxer at his discretion and the doctor`s opinion.

e)The referee may disqualify the offending boxer after warnings, point deductions and for continuous



4.23  If a boxer is injured by any action by herself or her corner man, she will lose by TKO.


4.24  Unexpected Events:

If it becomes impossible to continue the fight at the discretion of the referee, the fight will be a:

technical draw (if before the start of the 4th round) 


technical decision (if after the start of the 4th round  


4.25  Falling from the ring means being outside the ropes and landing on the floor outside the ring perimeter.

If a boxer is „down“ and outside the ring ropes she must return to the boxing ring, unassisted and be in a position to recommence boxing within 20 seconds…in all other cases, she must regain her feet unassisted within 10 seconds.


4.26  Both fighters must wear a mouthpiece at all time. A spare mouthpiece must be available at all times. If a boxer loses the mouthpiece, the referee must stop the action and replace it immediately. The referee may deduct points if the mouthpiece is spit out intentionally.


4.27  If the fight has turned into a mismatch, the referee may terminate the bout at his discretion.


4.28  The champion and challenger are obliged to wear the WIBF and GBU logo on their boxing pants or boxing skirts , if not they may be fined (up to € 500.-)

4.29  Every rule might be overruled by the local commission rules (as for example at point 4.18).


The WIBF and GBU are very thankful to the local boxing commission for the joint cooperation to supervise this important title match. The WIBF and GBU wishes good luck for the fight and may the best boxer win.



5.1 Immediately before each Contest, the boxer’s respective weights shall be announced from the boxing ring.


5.2 No Boxer may at the same time hold two titles of the WIBF/GBU in different weight categories. The boxer, or winning the second title shall declare which one she shall retain and the relinquished title shall automatically be declared vacant.


5.3 Before advertising or announcing a championship contest the Promoter must first obtain the necessary sanction. If contracts are not lodged as required the Contest may not be sanctioned or any sanction previously given may be withdrawn and action taken by the WIBF/GBU as it deems necessary.


5.4 Intercontinental/Continental and World Championship Contests shall be 10 rounds of two (2) minutes each round, with one (1) minute rest between each round.


5.5 All National State Championship shall be 8 rounds of two minutes each round.


5.6 All other contests shall be 4 or 6 rounds of two minutes rounds duration.


5.7 A Champion shall forfeit her title in the following circumstances:


  1. a) Defeated in a Championship Contest at the same weight at which she won her title.


  1. b) At the discretion of the WIBF/GBU and or its affiliates, if convicted of any arrest able offence

      while she is holder of a title.


  1. c)If proved guilty, to the satisfaction of the WIBF/GBU and its affiliates, is guilty of gross

      misconduct as a boxer…


  1. d) If she refuses defend her title after the receipt of an approved challenge and with a date limit

       given for such a title match, by the WIBF/GBU.


  1. e)If a champion is for any reason unable or unwilling to defend her title when required by the

      WIBF/GBU to do so. The WIBF/GBU shall declare the title vacant and select two boxers to

      meet for the vacant title, or alternatively commence an elimination series..


  1. f) If she cannot defend her title due to accident, illness or pregnancy as required by the



g)If she is fighting for a title of any other sanctioning body, without defending our titles.



h)If she fails to achieve the specified weight at the weigh-in for a Championship-Contest.


  1. i) If a champion or her management publicly insults or discredits the WIBF/GBU.


5.8  In the event that a title becomes VACANT pursuant to these Regulations and there is an interims title holder, it is at the sole discretion of the WIBF/GBU, to lead the interim title holder as champion.


5.9 In the event that a title becomes vacant pursuant to these Regulations, then the WIBF/GBU shall, in addition have power to impose any penalty upon the immediate past Champion, which in their discretion, is appropriate.


5.10 If she holds titles with sanctioning bodies other than the WIBF/GBU and makes two consecutive defenses of these titles without defending her WIBF/GBU title, the WIBF/GBU may at its discretion strip the champion of her title in order to keep the title active.



5.11A Champion shall not be required to defend her title until the expiration of 3 months (90 days) from the date of winning or successfully defending her title, provided that the WIBF/GBU may, in their sole discretion, order a rematch of the Championship.


5.12 Contenders for Championships or their Managers when arranging a Championship Contest must not agree to grant a return Championship contest to the Champion in the event of the title changing hands, except with the explicit prior consent or approval of the WIBF/GBU. Champions are not allowed to demand or stipulate a return Championship Contest in the event of their being defeated.


5.13 No Boxer contesting a Championship Contest shall engage in a Contest within 28 days before the date fixed for such Championship except with the prior written permission from the WIBF/GBU.


5.14 In the event of the Champion wishing to defend her title voluntarily the WIBF’s/GBU’s

approval must first be obtained.


5.15 A Boxer can only be declared a Champion by winning a Contest under Championship conditions.


5.16 Gloves used in the Championship Contest must be provided by the Promoter and handed to the duly appointed Supervisor in charge prior the Promotion. The Supervisor shall inspect and sign or stamp the bandages of a Boxer before the Boxer is gloved. The Supervisor must supervise the bandaging of the hands and the gloving of the Boxers which may be in the presence of a representative of a Boxer’s opponent.


5.17 A Boxer who has been asked by the WIBF/GBU or Affiliated Federation to take part in a Championship or eliminating series may be withdrawn at any time by the WIBF/GBU, if it is not satisfied as to her current form, fitness, ability to make the required weight satisfactorily or for any other reason that it shall consider advisable.


5.18  Any Boxer withdrawing from a Championship for reasons not acceptable to the WIBF/GBU or its affiliates shall be disciplined at the discretion of the WIBF/GBU or its affiliates.


5.19  A Championship belt shall be presented to the winner of every Championship.

 The belt shall become the property of the new Champion upon winning her first Championship.

A second Championship belt will be presented to the Champion if she can then successfully defend

her title three (3) more times.


6.1  Upon receipt of a complaint the Federation will decide by which mechanism and procedure the complaint can be best addressed and resolved.  

6.2  If the party making the complaint resides in a different state or country from the party against whom the complaint is made, then, the WIBF/GBU executive shall decide by which means the complaint shall best be heard.


6.3  When notified of a complaint the WIBF/GBU or its affiliated Federation or Commission shall have a complete discretion to refuse to hear such complaint.


6.4  If the Federation or its affiliated member decides that they will hear the complaint, then they shall proceed to determine the same and make such order as they may in their absolute discretion think fit.

Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing the WIBF/GBU or its affiliated member shall have the power to withdraw a license or to suspend the offending party for such a period or between such dates as they may decide and/or make such an order as to the validity or a contract as they consider fit and/or to award compensation.




7.1  The WIBF/GBU or its affiliated member may require any member to appear before it in connection with any allegation of misconduct made by any person.

For the purposes of this regulation, misconduct shall mean conduct detrimental to the interests of boxing, or the public interest and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing shall include:

(a) any breach of these Rules and Regulations…….

(b) any failure to comply with an order made by the WIBF/GBU or its affiliated members or State


(c) any failure to honor any contractual obligation…..

(d) incompetence.


7.2  The Federation and its affiliated member shall proceed to determine the matter and if they determine that a member is guilty of the misconduct alleged, they may make such an order as they, in their absolute discretion think fit.

The WIBF/GBU or its affiliated member shall, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, have power to withdraw a license or to suspend the same for such period or between such dates as they may decide, and/or to impose such other penalty, including a fine, as they may decide and/or make such order as to the validity of a contract as they consider fit and/or award compensation.


7.3  All fines imposed under this or any other Regulation shall be credited to the WIBF/GBU. 


7.4  Any explanation of misconduct or appeal against the WIBF/GBU decision must be submitted in writing to the head office within 10 days.



8.1 All boxers mustsatisfythe localcommissionslicensing rules, before competing in any WIBF/GBU championship contest.


In cases of illness or injury to a boxer during training for any specific contest, the boxer or her manager must immediately inform the relevant affiliated federation, commission or WIBF/GBU who may require the boxer to be examined by a doctor appointed by the federation or affiliate federation/commission-


In the event of:

  1. a) a doctor not passing a boxer fit to take part in a contest, or…
  2. b)if a doctor reports after a contest that a boxer is not fit to continue boxing for any period owing to injury

     or for any other reason, or……

c)any contest ( whosesoever it takes place) is stopped by the referee (other than by reason of a

   disqualification), or by retirement of a boxer, or if a boxer is counted out in such contest…..


then the license of the boxer shall be automatically suspended for a period of at least  30 clear days thereafter and until the boxer is certified fit to box by a doctor who may be appointed by the WIBF,

the appropriate affiliated federation or state commission at their discretion. Written certificates of fitness must be received at least 48 hours prior to the boxer’s next contest by WIBF, its affiliated federation or commission.


8.2  In the event that any boxer loses four (4) consecutive contests or, who suffers 2 consecutive KO losses will have her license suspended for a minimum of 60 days and must receive full medical re-examination before she can be reinstated.


8.3  All boxers who are seriously knocked -out (KO) or cut, will receive an automatic minimum 45/60 days suspension from competition…..and must receive medical clearance before she can re-enter competition.


8.4  All boxers must be medically examined annually in accordance with the WIBF standard medical forms 

when their licenses become due for renewal.


8.5  Each boxer while applying for a license must present a certified laboratory test result performed within the last 30 days reflecting that the applicant is negative for the HIV-Virus and Hepatitis.

8.6  If a boxer fails to make the stipulated weight as entered on the contract for a championship match such failure shall be reported to the WIBF and its affiliates……and disciplinary action may be taken.


8.7  Boxers or their managers must not give gratuities to any promoter or official.


8.8  Non-payment of a purse to a boxer by a promoter must be reported to the WIBF and appropriate affiliate federation or commission by the aggrieved boxer or her manager immediately and in any event not more than 14 days after the date of the contest.


8.9  No licensed boxer shall be trained, coached, managed or advised pursuant to these rules and regulations by any person other than her licensed manager or licensed trainer. No boxer shall authorize, permit or suffer any person who is not so licensed, to act whether for reward or not, as her manager or representative.


8.10  In the absence of her manager, a boxer engaged to take part in a championship contest must be accompanied at the weigh-in and at the contest, by a license holder duly appointed by her manager.


8.11  Boxers shall be entitled to apply for licenses in categories other than as a boxer, but such licenses shall be issued at the discretion of the federation and its affiliates/commission.



9.1  Upon signing a contract for her boxer to compete, a manager must ensure that all necessary contracts,

medical forms and licenses are forwarded to the WIBF/GBU and the promoter or the Commission.


9.2  In the event of a manager being unable to attend on a boxer at the weigh in or at the promotion, any payment to a person nominated to carry out the managers duties shall be paid by the manager from his commission.



10.1 The referee shall exercise immediate authority, direction and control over the contest to which he/she has been appointed, and he/she shall enforce the rules and regulations governing all contests as sanctioned by the WIBF/GBU he/she shall be the only person authorized to determine injuries and decide if they were produced by an unfair or fair blow.  He/she shall have the power to stop a contest and render a decision at any stage if he/she considers it to be too one-sided or if either boxer is in such condition that to continue might subject her to serious injury. In the case where a boxer receives a cut from a fair blow or any accidental butt, or any other injury which the referee believes may incapacitate the boxer, the referee is empowered to stop the contest and consult the ring physician on the advisability or allowing the bout to continue.


10.2  When ordered by the referee to “break” both boxers shall immediately take one step back and not re-commence boxing until ordered by the referee to box. The parting of the boxers by force should be avoided if possible.


10.3  If, for any reason the referee decides that a contest shall be stopped temporarily, he shall call upon the contestants to “STOP BOXING” and then instruct the timekeeper to take “TIME OFF”.


10.4  In the event of the disqualification of a boxer, the referee must report the facts to the relative Local Commission and or Affiliated Federation….and must send a full report to the WIBF within 48 hours to the contest taking place.


10.5   A boxer who is disqualified by a referee in a contest may not be entitled to receive her purse,

Other than travelling expenses until WIBF/GBU, Commission and or WIBF/GBU Affiliate in whose area to contest took place has adjudicated upon the distribution of the purse. The promoter must forward the purse, or balance of the purse, within 48 hours of the contest, to the relative WIBF/GBU affiliate/commission concerned.

10.6  The boxers manager or, in his absence, the chief second, shall alone have the responsibility of retiring a boxer in a contest.



11.1  The officials –three (3) scoring judges and one (1) non-scoring referee to officiate in all CHAMPIONSHIP CONTESTS shall be appointed in accordance with the provisions of the rules and regulations.


11.2  Three (3) judges shall decide each contest who obtains the greater number of points.


11.3  Having checked the result of the contest the referee shall raise the winning boxers. In the event of a draw both boxers will be called to the centre of the ring and the referee shall raise the arm of each boxer simultaneously.


11.4  Where a championship match result in a draw, the title shall remain the property of the defending champion!


11.5  No persons shall be permitted to enter the boxing ring at any time during a promotion except with the permissions of the referee or supervisor in charge.


11.6 There shall be no amplification or broadcast of any statement made from the boxing ring before during, or after any contest except by the official MASTER OF CEREMONIES with the authority of the Local Affiliated Federation /Commission, or otherwise by permission of the WIBF/GBU supervisor in charge.



12.1  All contracts between a promoter or a match maker or agent on the promoter’s behalf and a boxer or a boxer’s manager on the boxer’s behalf shall be in writing and be available for inspection by the WIBF/GBU and its Affiliated Federation/Commission if required


12.2  A promoter must not enter into any arrangement with a boxer or any person on her behalf so as to prevent the boxer from accepting an engagement from any other promoter, especially if it may involve a championship match.